Gender Based Violence during this COVID-19 Pandemic.Part 1.

Disease outbreaks affect women and men, boys and girls differently, and epidemics make existing inequalities for women and girls and discrimination of other marginalised groups such as persons with disabilities and those in extreme poverty, worse. During this COVID-19 pandemic, where movement is restricted, people are confined, and protection systems have weakened, women and girls are at greater risk of experiencing gender-based violence, and are at the threat for harmful practices including female genital mutilation and child, early, and forced marriages, especially for girls in disadvantaged and hard-to-reach areas and areas where patriarchal systems are very high. DWB is encouraging you to help the victims through the following ways:

Listen and Link– If someone experiences gender-based violence and asks for help you might have the capacity to help or not, if you don’t have the capacity, you can be a source of support by linking the victim. Listen to their problem and link them to information about helplines and other social support services. Click on the link and have a live free chat with our well experienced counsellors and therapist who will help you overcome what you are going through.

You Can also call SGBV Hotline-1195, or Child line toll free number- 116 for children issues. Remember, it’s not the survivor’s fault. During times of any crisis, some families use negative coping mechanisms such as child marriage, violence, sexual abuse like raping or other harmful practices like committing suicide. These are not solutions! Protect every member of your family by SAYING NO to these harmful practices. Don’t feel ashamed to seek for help, remember that all of us are human beings and it’s ok not to be ok. It’s not a crime not to be ok. As a leader in your community you can stop child marriage and other harmful practices from happening in your village. Promote peace among couples and families during this COVID-19 global pandemic crisis. Guide your people and act and not just action but action with boldness.

Women may have more work and pressure on their shoulder. We are here to remind you that it is ok to feel overwhelmed, stressed or scared. Do not feel ashamed to seek help from DWB at We are here to support you to overcome what you are going through. If you feel unsafe in or around your home; if you are harmed or feel threatened, intimidated or harassed; call for help, remember your safety comes first. Do not shy away from seeking help during this COVID19 pandemic period.

We are reminding men to join Us in saying NO to Gender Based Violence and to lead by keeping themselves, family and community healthy and protected. Let not the state of emergency, confinement, government restrictions be an excuse for violence. Let Us Say no to any form of violence. Uncertainty on the future and impact on livelihoods can increase worries for the everyday sustainability of the family. You may feel caged, feel crowded at home or feel isolated and have a hard time without social contacts and intimate relationships. If you find yourself getting so angry or frustrated that you think a disagreement may turn into a fight with your partner or children, take a break pray, meditate, read or do some sports or house exercise and talk about the matter later when everyone is less angry. Let’s replace violence with communication.






Treat each day as a new beginning. Be the person you always wanted to be. It’s never too late to become that person. Don’t live to solely impress others or live out someone’s dreams. Even if you fail, it will be on your own. Stop Complaining, as it is a waste of the precious time that we have. Life is unfair; it’s short and brutal. We die at the end. Usually, it ends quite badly. Since we all know this, why trouble yourself with complaining? It doesn’t help. It actually makes you feel worse and bothers anyone who listens to you. Accept what you can’t change and spend the time you’ve allotted to complaining toward modifying what you can actually change. Don’t sit around waiting for something to happen. Act. Be bold, Make something happen. Be assertive and active. You’ll sleep when you’re dead. Make your own breaks in this world. Create your own opportunities. You can’t wait for opportunities to drop into your life.  Nobody cares if you fail and nobody will hand you a life; you need build it yourself. Figure out what you want to do with your life and career. Then, work on how to actually make it happen. Spend at least as much time considering your career.

Appreciate what you have and Work towards what you want. Take time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you during this difficult time of COVI19, it could be your spouse, children, friends, Don’t spend all your time either obsessing over the past or worried about the future. Enjoy and appreciate. Set goals that you want to achieve. Every day, work towards achieving your goals.  Work towards getting 1 % better every day. Listen when people talk to you. It may surprise you to know that there are some really smart people out there that you can learn from. You already know what you know, maybe you will learn from your annoying coworker, the noisy neighbour. Remain open to constructive criticism, but don’t take it personally or let it hinder you. Implement the advice if and when it fits within your goals and objectives.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. If you don’t have faith and confidence in yourself, why should someone else? Treat yourself as you would treat best friend. You wouldn’t excessively criticise, chastise, fault-find your best friend and expect him or her to remain friends with you. Act kindly toward yourself. Have mercy on yourself when you fail don’t cry or give up, as this will help build up confidence and happiness, which ultimately leads to success. It’s too much work to hold grudges and stay angry at people. Forgive those who may have done you wrong in the past.  You are better off with more friends and less enemies. Let go of material attachments. Don’t measure yourself or fixate on social status, fame and wealth. Enjoy your possessions, but don’t allow them to own you or let the pursuit of material things consume you. Someone else will inevitably inherit them all or they will be sold to pay off inheritance taxes when you die.

Don’t settle. Reach out to become the best at what you do. Stretch yourself. For example, what are you doing right now? Is it improving your life? Is it possible to do something more productive? Find mentors and life coaches who care about you and can help you with your journey.  Ask them for honest feedback and constructive criticism to help you become the person you aspire to be and don’t forget to pay it forward by mentoring others and help them live their best lives too.

I have learnt that learning never stops and reading expands minds. Therefore, during this pandemic get involved, learn a new skill, enroll for an online course keep learning, keep reading and keep improving your mind. We will get through this. Together we shall overcome COVID19. #VolunteerAgainstCOVID19.


Empower Her

The Kajiado Mentorship Camp Phase One under the theme #empowerakenyangirl aimed at empowering the rescued girls from 5 different rescue centres within Central Kajiado.The 260 girls aged 7-24 years are survivors of sexual abuse, Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) and early/forced marriages still largely practised in communities such as Maasai Community in Kenya. This camp brought to our understanding that what seems so obvious and so rightful to you is not for everyone out there. We trained the girls about the Sexual Reproductive Health(SRH), life skills and self awareness.It was a life-changing, transformative and inspiring moment.

The largest chunk of the event was mentorship talks from women who proved to be extraordinary despite the odds. An icon like Mrs. Ncharo, an anti FGM and children’s rights activist, Founder of Tawanga Foundation, a National winner of justice award in EA and also a Government administration officer just to mention a few titles. Ms. Jedidah Lemaron, founder of Malkia Initiative, an initiative that deals with educating girls about Sexual Reproductive Health(SRH) and distribution of sanitary towels, shared their experiences and gave the girls a reason to smile and keep living. The events that had occurred in their lives should be a reason they should work hard towards achieving their goals.

A Photo of the rescued girls at AIC Rescue Centre, Kajiado A Photo of the rescued girls at AIC Rescue Centre, Kajiado during Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp

We also held individual and group counselling sessions for the girls with our qualified volunteers who were able to provide safe and friendly environment to foster disclosure.FGM, Forced Marriage and SEXUL ASSAULT has immediate and long-term effects on GIRLS and WOMEN’s health. The effects include poor PERFOMANCE in school, DEPRESSION & STRESS, TEENAGE PREGNANCY, severe bleeding, infection and shock. The long-term complications include recurrent urinary tract infections, keloids, TRAUMA, low self-esteem and self -confidence. These practices are also associated with the transmission of HIV from use of unhygienic instruments. We are happy to stand with our girls and urge you to join us in this campaign for “Empower Her.”

A photo of the girls in April 2019 at AIC Rescue Centre ,Kajiado during Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp

We remain grateful to organisations that joined us during our phase one Kajiado Camp in April 11th-17th 2019 such as Redcross Kenya, Shalom Networks, Master Empowerment Centre and to the AIC Rescue Centre Kajiado.Through Redcross , we also managed to provide dignity kits for every girl.

Thank you KUtv for the documentary.

It was the best camp that any individual would wish for. Want to experience the same? What are you waiting for? Join us in our next visit, you will have an interesting experience to share.Contact Us on +254723727478 or email us at


Breaking the Barrier

Francis, a third year student pursuing Gender and Development Studies at Kenyatta University and a volunteer at DWB, sadly narrates how gender stereotyping in his culture denied his sisters the opportunity to access education.

“Having been brought up in a patriarchal family with most powers vested on men, I have grown up witnessing a lot of injustices done to women and girls. Most of these injustices are culturally determined. One of the things I have seen and broken my heart is seeing my own blood sisters denied the opportunity to go to school because they are women and according to our culture, women cannot be as brave as men and therefore, educating them will be a waste of resources.”

This made me desire to be a champion of change  in my community.The desire to achieve a  society free  from  violations of a vast array of rights such as the right to health, adequate standard of living, education, marriage and family relations, work, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, political participation and representation, effective remedy, and freedom from gender-based violence.I have kept this dream alive in me and today I am glad to see this change achieved through DWB Foundation, a mentorship organisation with the aim to make a difference in the community.

DWB has achieved notable success in their previous programs  building and strengthening Youth Networks through life-skills training.Mentoring, or coaching as often referred to, has long been recognized as an effective means to improve individual and social growth and performance. In our mentoring programmes, mentors demonstrate, explain and model while mentees observe, question, explore and apply new skills.Indeed ,

“Mentoring is an indispensable requirement for an artist’s growth. Not only are skills and experience shared, but there is value in the essential re-examination of one’s own work and techniques.   ”   Jim Norman

share with us your personal story, comments or recommendations , together we can do greater.



Cost of Traditions

It is very painful, yes very painful to see girls of 10years old and below being forced to undergo FGM all in the name of traditions claiming that they are reducing the sexual feeling of the girls. These girls are usually still in primary schools therefore these automatically means that after the practice the girls will be forced to drop out of school and therefore get married at a very young age.DWB Foundation under its program Community Mentorship Camp(CMC) aims at ensuring that the rescued girls become the change agents in the community through various trainings such as life skills, sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) training, soft skills and entrepreneurship training.By use of community advocates and DWB volunteers, the organisation aims at achieving equal education opportunity and wellbeing of the girls especially in communities such as Maasai Community.

Naserian who is in standard standard six narrated how she narrowly escaped the practice. ‘ On that fateful day Naserian saw village elders especially old women had a meeting in their home compound, when it reached at the midnight her in-law, the wife to his brother told her that ‘wanataka kukufanyia kitu mbaya utoroke’ (They are going to do something bad to you so you should run away) She sneaked stealthily from home without being noticed and slept in a bush which seemingly was a safer place than meeting people who wanted to marry her off. She was rescued in the morning and that how she narrowly escaped the barbaric practice and she was now happy that she will finish her education and fulfil her dreams.

Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp phase II was aimed at empowering the girls through trainings of soft skills and communication skills.We believe in the approximately 260 girls who are rescued in AIC Rescue Centre from the traditional practises such as Female Genital Mutilation and early/forced marriage.The girls are talented in different ways and our beginner course was beading.

A photo showing a beading session at AIC Rescue Centre ,Kajiado during Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp Phase II in November 2019.

Be part of the change that you want to see in the society by joining DWB Foundation as we stand with the girls, to empower and to ensure that the girls Dignity is protected.