Raising Awareness and Educating About Women’s Issues Online

Creating a change in our society is strongly dependent on our understanding of the current situation. If we recognise that something is wrong, but we don’t know why or how it came to be, we cannot initiate positive change. Education is the best form of empowerment.

That is why, in the beginning of 2020, Kristina Hemzacek started a project called FemEd – Feminist Education in the Croatian Context, which is intended as a knowledge base of articles on feminism and the women’s movement globally and locally (to Croatia, but also other countries from former Yugoslavia). As part of this project she writes about the history of the women’s movement, different approaches to feminism, and how acknowledging women can have a positive influence on our production of knowledge.


Rebuilding the Broken Bridges

Winnie Ayieko is the Founder and Executive Director for Do it With Boldness Foundation (DWB). Do it With Boldness (DWB) Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental local organisation duly registered under the Societies Act (Cap 108) of the laws of Kenya in August 2018. The Foundation aims to create a haven for vulnerable children, girls and young mothers, one where they can discover themselves, develop leadership skills, resiliency, enhance their talents as well as gain financial independence through education, mentorship and entrepreneurship training.

She is an Independent Consultant with Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) and Bachelor degree in Counseling Psychology who works with vulnerable communities to develop affordable, innovative solutions that raise the quality of education for all through a mentorship approach. She advocates for women’s rights, sexual reproductive health (SRH), menstrual hygiene and gender equality. Winnie has devoted the past 5 years to mentor, train and empower young girls and women in marginalised communities.