Do It With Boldness (DWB)

Do it With Boldness (DWB) is duly registered non-profit foundation that promotes development through education, advocacy ,mentorship, economic empowerment and leadership skills trainings for youths ,young girls and women and to help them realise their full potential in the society beyond.


    To serve individual members of the society to create a lasting solution  through education, psychosocial support and mentorship.


    We envision a mentored resilient friendly society with empowered, enlightened, productive, and goal-oriented generation of young people and women for the realisation of sustainable development initiative.

    1) Reduce the incidences of sexual and Gender Based Violence and all forms of discriminations and offer psychological support to the victims.

    2) Protecting the reproductive health of young women and ensuring they are informed on their reproductive health rights and mentrual hygiene.

    3) Narrowing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and economic empowerment through soft skills and entrepreneurship training.

    4) Nurturing self -efficacy and promoting mental health through psychological individual and group guiding and counselling sessions.

    You can TAKE ACTION today by becoming our partner, donor, sponsor, mentor ,volunteer or member and help Us make a DIFFERENCE in someone’s life through our programs.

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    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi

    Our Volunteering Journey

    DWB has carried several mentorship programs

    We Engage

    We focus on building valuable relationships with community members and engage volunteers in making sustainable goals.

    We Volunteer

    We are a volunteer organisation and a member of Volunteer Involving Organisations Society ,Kenya and what we do is on voluntary basis.

    We Partner

    We believe in “the power of the two hands to make a change” and are motivated by our Motto “We are because you are.”

    We Mentor

    We create opportunities for young people and women through education, psychosocial support, leadership and economic empowerment.

    Our Partners

    We value Partnerships and Networking