It is very painful, yes very painful to see girls of 10years old and below being forced to undergo FGM all in the name of traditions claiming that they are reducing the sexual feeling of the girls. These girls are usually still in primary schools therefore these automatically means that after the practice the girls will be forced to drop out of school and therefore get married at a very young age.DWB Foundation under its program Community Mentorship Camp(CMC) aims at ensuring that the rescued girls become the change agents in the community through various trainings such as life skills, sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) training, soft skills and entrepreneurship training.

By use of community advocates and DWB volunteers, the organisation aims at achieving equal education opportunity and wellbeing of the girls especially in communities such as Maasai Community.

Naserian who is in standard standard six narrated how she narrowly escaped the practice. ‘ On that fateful day Naserian saw village elders especially old women had a meeting in their home compound, when it reached at the midnight her in-law, the wife to his brother told her that ‘wanataka kukufanyia kitu mbaya utoroke’ (They are going to do something bad to you so you should run away) She sneaked stealthily from home without being noticed and slept in a bush which seemingly was a safer place than meeting people who wanted to marry her off. She was rescued in the morning and that how she narrowly escaped the barbaric practice and she was now happy that she will finish her education and fulfil her dreams.

Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp phase II was aimed at empowering the girls through trainings of soft skills and communication skills.We believe in the approximately 260 girls who are rescued in AIC Rescue Centre from the traditional practises such as Female Genital Mutilation and early/forced marriage.The girls are talented in different ways and our beginner course was beading.

A photo showing a beading session at AIC Rescue Centre ,Kajiado during Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp Phase II in November 2019.


Be part of the change that you want to see in the society by joining DWB Foundation as we stand with the girls, to empower and to ensure that the girls Dignity is protected.