Voices From The Voiceless

Our Voices from the Voiceless events feature inspirational, captivating and motivational TALKS shared from life experiences. The program runs in Higher Learning Institutions across the Country featuring different motivational speakers and mentors who connects with youths as they give them life skills TOOLS guide them through their path to success. Many youths are emotionally distressed and majority turn into self-harm to seek relieve or social withdrawals, suicide/suicidal thoughts/attempts, giving up and dropping out of career paths. Depression can persist into adulthood if it isn’t adequately treated and unfortunately there are few programs engaging the youths and help them through trauma and anxieties they are faced with when in Higher learning institutions. This platform provides Young people with opportunity to hear true life experience success stories because we believe in the VALUE of life’s stories as source of inspiration to naturally increase confidence level of young people to face their challenges and fears.