Valerie Olesia Busaka, is a third-year student at Kenyatta University, pursuing Gender and Development Studies. She is also the Congressperson for Kenyatta University students with Special Needs, a volunteer for the Do It With Boldness Foundation, and an ambassador for the Gifted Community Centre.
She is a fan of sports, adventure and politics. Busaka has been in a leadership role for the last
three years and she is inspired to showcase her leadership capabilities at the national level in the
coming years.

She is an advocate for human rights and especially for persons living with disabilities. She says:
“It has always been my desire to attain a society which takes into inclusion the rights of each
citizen whether marginalized or not.” It is on this note that she focuses on providing a platform
for creating awareness on inclusivity to ensure that she achieves creating that desired inclusive
It is obvious that there is nothing about us without us, this is what motivates and inspires Busaka
to go out of her way and advocate and champion for human rights and inclusivity in the Kenyan
society. In line with her career, she would love to work in an organization which focuses on
gender equality in order to help further the agenda of empowering all genders in society, and
promote equity and equality.
Busaka aspires to be one of the most prominent citizens of this nation. She says she is
unstoppable, hence she will chase her dream. It is the ability in her and the desire to reach greater
heights that motivates her to keep going.
Her Excellency, the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is her favourite famous person. The First Lady
inspires Busaka in many ways but most importantly as the founder of the Beyond Zero
Campaign which aims at achieving zero maternal mortality rates and to ensure maternity services
which are of good quality and affordable to expectant women. This initiative has had a positive
impact on the lives of expectant women in the society. It is Busaka’s lifetime wish to get a
partnership with the Beyond Zero Campaign to keep such agendas moving in our great nation.
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