Creating a change in our society is strongly dependent on our understanding of the current situation. If we recognise that something is wrong, but we don’t know why or how it came to be, we cannot initiate positive change. Education is the best form of empowerment.

That is why, in the beginning of 2020, Kristina Hemzacek started a project called FemEd – Feminist Education in the Croatian Context, which is intended as a knowledge base of articles on feminism and the women’s movement globally and locally (to Croatia, but also other countries from former Yugoslavia). As part of this project she writes about the history of the women’s movement, different approaches to feminism, and how acknowledging women can have a positive influence on our production of knowledge.

Being a political scientist, Hemzacek understands the importance of clear definitions and detailed explanations of particular phenomena. She believes that, through offering women a reliable source of information and through eventually creating a community of young women and men who engage in consciousness raising and constructive debate, Croatian society can become more egalitarian. It is important to understand the issues that women face, to know our history and to build on the traditions of former human rights movements.

In May 2020, Hemzacek joined the Do It With Boldness Foundation as an Editor Volunteer. She strongly agrees with the DWB vision and shares their passion for protecting young women and girls from sexual and physical violence, and of creating opportunities for youth in Kenya via educational courses. She works remotely from Prague, Czech Republic.

“While this year has been difficult for everyone, I try to look at everything that happens, including this crisis, as an opportunity. Our world today is very different than it was only a few months ago. This crisis has made us all more aware of how much we are interconnected and how much we depend on each other. Those of us who are lucky to be healthy and able must step up to help others who are not”, Hemzacek says.

Both her work on FemEd and her collaboration with DWB Foundation have a main focus of raising awareness and educating people. It is only through education that people can take responsibility and create opportunities for themselves and others in their community.

It may seem that we are in a much better position today than we were several decades ago, with a sea of information at the reach of our fingertips, but the internet has also caused the shortening of our attention spans. Reading and learning, which is never easy, have become tedious. So it is more important than ever to work with people, and especially children and youth, to teach them how to have patience to learn. Because only through education can any person become financially independent, which is a necessity for becoming free.


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