We are creating an image of success and authority for your brand in SMART ways to appreciate your IN-KIND donation towards our Events. Through event sponsorship, we can leverage this power of collective credibility. Your sponsorship supports our nonprofit events aimed at EMPOWERING Young People and Women through Mentorship. You get to IMPACT a life and Make a DIFFERENCE, you create a chance for Kenyan Youth to NETWORK and CONNECT, an EXPOSURE to GROW and to GLOW.

If you are a Brand Company looking to stretch its product market, you are philanthropic looking Event to fund, you are an individual who wants to give back to the society, you are nonprofit looking for who to partner with. We are here to work and walk on this journey with you, our events may be the best place to meet all your expectations and convert your support into transforming LIVES in the society.

To promote the programme and to reach more people with what we do, you can be part of this story TODAY, your donation towards the Event will EMPOWER our Young People across the Country in very special ways. You can DONATE NOW and send fill out the Form BELOW with specific instruction how you would like your funds to be used. NOTE: We don’t use funds donated for specific projects to pay salaries.