Each Camp cost between 250K - 1M depending on the number of Mentees, duration of the Camp, activities and location among other factors. We are looking for friends, sponsors, donors to help fund our Mentorship Camp across the Country to EMPOWER a Kenya Youth and Women through our programmes. You can make a difference today by sponsoring 1 -5 Camps in a Year. We will identify communities with greatest need for Mentorship, share with our Donors/Sponsors the pre-camp situation analysis and post camp Impact working within the given budget and implementation timeframe for each Camp.

You can suggest specific Community where you would, with our team hold a mentorship Camp within Kenya, where you need your funds to be focused on in the Camp as long as it remains nonpolitical campaign tool. We don't campaign for politicians and we don't use our programmes to advocate for political ambitions of our friends, donors or sponsors.

To promote the programme and to reach more people with what we do, you can be part of this story TODAY, your donation towards the Camp will EMPOWER our Young People across the Country in a very special way. You can DONATE NOW and send fill out the Form BELOW with specific instruction how you would like your funds to be used. NOTE: We don't use funds donated for specific projects to pay salaries


"We Are Because You Are"

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