Empower a Kenyan Girl :Raising the bar for the girlchild

“Each person learns lessons, makes choices, and develops a unique perspective, which only they can claim and share. Even two people who have had very similar lives will have slightly different experiences, leading them to a different point of view, so each person remains a treasure trove waiting to be explored. When we take the…

Voices from the voiceless: The Bridge

The Bridge is transformative power of mentorship, a powerful program that helps students deal with the changes affecting their lives and gives them tools to navigate towards the SUCCESS they seek. Building confidence, courage and strengthening leadership skills of Young People. See you on 12th Tuesday at February at MKU. FREE for Students.

Voices from the voiceless:Your Choice Matter

“If you free, you need to FREE SOMEONE. If you have power, you need to EMPOWER someone.” Life is measured by the number of people we put smile on their faces every time and not by wealth, race, job tittle or material things one can be able to acquire for themselves. EXCELLENCE is never an…

DWB Facebook Talk:Equity in empowerment between the genders

Boy-child or girl-child who has it all? Some will say The girl child has been given too much emphasis and the boy child forgotten while others will argue The boy is not just utilising the available resources to keep up with the girl-child's pace. But what exactly is the truth and what do you have…

Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp Phase I

We carry out this activity of empowering young girls and to let them know they can have a normal life and be successful like any other person they may know. Many of our teenage girls are stuck in early and forced child marriages and this is because of cultural, social, economic and religion. And all…

IVCO 2019

DWB Chief Executive Officer ,Miss Winnie Ayieko to represent the organisation during the IVCO 2019 Conference to be held in Kigali Rwanda.IVCO is a space to exchange ideas, share innovations and build supportive peer networks. You’ll be shaping sectoral policy and advocacy initiatives and advancing progress towards development outcomes through volunteering – a movement of…

Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp Phase II

The Kajiado Camp Program was focused more on beading and leadership training workshop  among 250  girls who are survivors of sexual abuse,FGM and early/forced marriage.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxVcZlDgiBE&t=9s  

Capacity Building Training in Arusha

DWB is pleased to send 6 volunteers for the capacity training in Arusha ,Tanzania where the volunteers are expected to learn and network.The two weeks training is a  platform that provides an opportunity for our volunteers to individually grow and build self confidence.

DWB Facebook Talk: Effects of teen-parenthood

Teen Parenthood has been an issue in our society.Nevertheless the aftermath of Teen Parenthood is defeaning. In regards to this DWB will be hosting a facebook town-hall talk on Effects of teen parenthood led by the Executive Director of Shalom Networks,Mary Migwi who has been a victim of circumstance.

DWB Staff Capacity Building Workshop

On 15th/02/2020 DWB will be hosting a staff capacity building forum on how to deal with Burn Out at workplace organised  by the Training and Development  Department.