Dear Change maker,

We are living in unprecedented times and Do It With Boldness Foundation is here to support, amplify, and advocate for the challenges we are all facing under the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya. We are asking all of our members and supporters to be volunteers in the effort to stop the spread of this pandemic in Kenya and globally.

As the country deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a shocking increase in the number of sexual offences cases-(GBV) over the past few months in the country . These offences constitute more than 35.8% of the criminal matters reported during the period.As Do it With Boldness Foundation we are concerned about women who are majorly at risk.At such hard times we know that the economic situations of many people in Kenya do not allow them to stock up food and stay confined. Too many People struggle with access to soap and clean water and women are faced with hard decision to choose between the basic needs with the little they have or to purchase sanitary towels.

At Do It With Boldness Foundation we have remained at the front line in promoting gender equality and fight against Gender Based Violence  as well as educate the girls and women on menstrual hygiene during this critical period .We are grounded in the belief that we are responsible for one another, and for what happens in our communities.

Our Call to Action

In response to the pandemic , we have so far ;

  1.  Through partnership with other organisations we have supported approximately 500  vulnerable girls and women in informal settlements with sanitary towels as well provide the basic commodities such as (food, soap and hand sanitisers) .
  2. We have so far trained approximately 500 community members on COVID 19 measures  in order to curb the spread of the virus.We have equally through partnership with other organisations provided masks and trained on proper use of masks.Apart from this, we have online campaigns via our social media sites on how to stay safe during this pandemic.curb the spread of this pandemic.
  3. Through our online LIVE CHAT counselling platform on the website, we have managed to reach more than 200 people whom our volunteer counsellors have been able to support psychologically during this pandemic.
  4. We have created public awareness of how victims of Gender Based violence could report cases and receive the necessary assistance.
  5. We invite you to partner with us by donating to this Fund.TO DONATE CLICK
  6. All levels of support are welcome and that includes both monetary and non-monetery that can be delivered at our office in Kasarani. Call Us on 0723727478 or email us at