Alfred is a 4th year student in Finance at Kenyatta University who is interested and passionate about youth and women empowerment, poverty eradication and economic self -reliance. Having been brought up in a poor family, he went through various challenges some of which threatened his education but with the help of well -wishers, he managed to walk through them. With this, he knows the value of giving back to the society and changing the mindset in our youths that tend to only hold them back. He also against conformity of ideas. " With conformity of ideas, we risk living in a yes-men society. In such an environment, you don't learn from one another. You don't even think critically. What I'm for is diversity of ideas. That's the antidote to our stagnation."



Brand Ambassador

Zuhra is a BCOM student at Kenyatta University. She is a leader, a mentor, a motivational and public speaker and also an article writer. She is interested in mentoring the youth and women on issues affecting them and also, the need to stand up for themselves and be the game changers. She writes and mentors on skills that enable these youth and women to be self -reliant.


Francis Kitsao

Program Cordinator

Francis is a fourth year student pursuing gender and development studies at Kenyatta University. He is passionate about mentorship especially on men and women empowerment for sustainable development.


Julie Nancy


I am motivated by the need to leave this world a better place than I found it and I currently do this through mentorship and communication on social awareness matters. Analytical, detailed and thorough team player working towards becoming a Writer and a Motivational Speaker. A Student of Human Resource Management, strive towards building effective communications with Mentees and communications with Members of the Foundation.  

"We Are Because You Are"

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