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Empower Her

The Kajiado Mentorship Camp Phase One under the theme #empowerakenyangirl aimed at empowering the rescued girls from 5 different rescue centres within Central Kajiado.The 260 girls aged 7-24 years are survivors of sexual abuse, Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) and early/forced marriages still largely practised in communities such as Maasai Community in Kenya. This camp brought to our understanding that what seems so obvious and so rightful to you is not for everyone out there. We trained the girls about the Sexual Reproductive Health(SRH), life skills and self awareness.It was a life-changing, transformative and inspiring moment.

The largest chunk of the event was mentorship talks from women who proved to be extraordinary despite the odds. An icon like Mrs. Ncharo, an anti FGM and children’s rights activist, Founder of Tawanga Foundation, a National winner of justice award in EA and also a Government administration officer just to mention a few titles. Ms. Jedidah Lemaron, founder of Malkia Initiative, an initiative that deals with educating girls about Sexual Reproductive Health(SRH) and distribution of sanitary towels, shared their experiences and gave the girls a reason to smile and keep living. The events that had occurred in their lives should be a reason they should work hard towards achieving their goals.

A Photo of the rescued girls at AIC Rescue Centre, Kajiado A Photo of the rescued girls at AIC Rescue Centre, Kajiado during Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp

We also held individual and group counselling sessions for the girls with our qualified volunteers who were able to provide safe and friendly environment to foster disclosure.FGM, Forced Marriage and SEXUL ASSAULT has immediate and long-term effects on GIRLS and WOMEN’s health. The effects include poor PERFOMANCE in school, DEPRESSION & STRESS, TEENAGE PREGNANCY, severe bleeding, infection and shock. The long-term complications include recurrent urinary tract infections, keloids, TRAUMA, low self-esteem and self -confidence. These practices are also associated with the transmission of HIV from use of unhygienic instruments. We are happy to stand with our girls and urge you to join us in this campaign for “Empower Her.”

A photo of the girls in April 2019 at AIC Rescue Centre ,Kajiado during Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp

We remain grateful to organisations that joined us during our phase one Kajiado Camp in April 11th-17th 2019 such as Redcross Kenya, Shalom Networks, Master Empowerment Centre and to the AIC Rescue Centre Kajiado.Through Redcross , we also managed to provide dignity kits for every girl.

Thank you KUtv for the documentary.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb7aE8hQhrg&t=209s

It was the best camp that any individual would wish for. Want to experience the same? What are you waiting for? Join us in our next visit, you will have an interesting experience to share.Contact Us on +254723727478 or email us at info@dwibo.org

What We Do

Breaking the Barrier

Francis, a third year student pursuing Gender and Development Studies at Kenyatta University and a volunteer at DWB, sadly narrates how gender stereotyping in his culture denied his sisters the opportunity to access education.

“Having been brought up in a patriarchal family with most powers vested on men, I have grown up witnessing a lot of injustices done to women and girls. Most of these injustices are culturally determined. One of the things I have seen and broken my heart is seeing my own blood sisters denied the opportunity to go to school because they are women and according to our culture, women cannot be as brave as men and therefore, educating them will be a waste of resources.”

This made me desire to be a champion of change  in my community.The desire to achieve a  society free  from  violations of a vast array of rights such as the right to health, adequate standard of living, education, marriage and family relations, work, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, political participation and representation, effective remedy, and freedom from gender-based violence.I have kept this dream alive in me and today I am glad to see this change achieved through DWB Foundation, a mentorship organisation with the aim to make a difference in the community.

DWB has achieved notable success in their previous programs  building and strengthening Youth Networks through life-skills training.Mentoring, or coaching as often referred to, has long been recognized as an effective means to improve individual and social growth and performance. In our mentoring programmes, mentors demonstrate, explain and model while mentees observe, question, explore and apply new skills.Indeed ,

“Mentoring is an indispensable requirement for an artist’s growth. Not only are skills and experience shared, but there is value in the essential re-examination of one’s own work and techniques.   ”   Jim Norman

share with us your personal story, comments or recommendations , together we can do greater.


What We Do

Cost of Traditions

It is very painful, yes very painful to see girls of 10years old and below being forced to undergo FGM all in the name of traditions claiming that they are reducing the sexual feeling of the girls. These girls are usually still in primary schools therefore these automatically means that after the practice the girls will be forced to drop out of school and therefore get married at a very young age.DWB Foundation under its program Community Mentorship Camp(CMC) aims at ensuring that the rescued girls become the change agents in the community through various trainings such as life skills, sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) training, soft skills and entrepreneurship training.By use of community advocates and DWB volunteers, the organisation aims at achieving equal education opportunity and wellbeing of the girls especially in communities such as Maasai Community.

Naserian who is in standard standard six narrated how she narrowly escaped the practice. ‘ On that fateful day Naserian saw village elders especially old women had a meeting in their home compound, when it reached at the midnight her in-law, the wife to his brother told her that ‘wanataka kukufanyia kitu mbaya utoroke’ (They are going to do something bad to you so you should run away) She sneaked stealthily from home without being noticed and slept in a bush which seemingly was a safer place than meeting people who wanted to marry her off. She was rescued in the morning and that how she narrowly escaped the barbaric practice and she was now happy that she will finish her education and fulfil her dreams.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb7aE8hQhrg&t=1s

Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp phase II was aimed at empowering the girls through trainings of soft skills and communication skills.We believe in the approximately 260 girls who are rescued in AIC Rescue Centre from the traditional practises such as Female Genital Mutilation and early/forced marriage.The girls are talented in different ways and our beginner course was beading.

A photo showing a beading session at AIC Rescue Centre ,Kajiado during Kajiado Community Mentorship Camp Phase II in November 2019.

Be part of the change that you want to see in the society by joining DWB Foundation as we stand with the girls, to empower and to ensure that the girls Dignity is protected.





DWB internship program is intended to give students exposure to opportunities with our partner organizations with emphasis on skills development and mentorship. We will recommend exceptional students who have the desire to be a part of the hard-working teams driving the vision and mission of those organizations and have the interest to Volunteer help DWB during its events. DWB works collaboratively with other partners to ensure appropriate and relevant placements for the students. Duration for the internship/Volunteer is 3 Months with possible extensions on personal preference. The process of placement involves application by the student for the internship. Upon successful application a scheduled interview and consecutively official deployement to internship work site. DWB does not pay during this program. Welcome on board as we continue impacting positively in the life of others and the society we live in using the skills you have gained in your studies.


What We Do

Entrepreneurship Academy


Entrepreneurship Academy

Young generation have great innovative and credible ideas to create jobs through businesses, and solve emerging global challenges on leadership, environment, horticulture, climate change, banking and microfinancing amongst others. Young generation is a non-stop center of INNOVATION and CREATIVITY for our now, and future well-being. There is increase of youth-led ventures around the World lacking support to help grow their ideas into robust industries This program will open the door of opportunities for youths with startup ideas and innovations to come together in sharing workshops and conferences, exchanging experiences in the industry, challenges and it highlights the best LESSONS LEARNED. This idea has so far attracted hundreds youths seeking to take part in the programs including youths from different Nationalities who got the opportunity to participate in DWB a day-led event during the African Entrepreneurship Summit held last year at USIU.



Empower A Kenyan Girl


Empower A Kenyan Girl

This is the ability for girls and women to enjoy their rights to control and benefit from resource, assets, income and their own time, as well as the ability to manage risk and improve their economic status and wellbeing. Girl to girl empowerment has become a topic of discussion in development and economics. It can be seen both through improving the social, economic, political and legal strength to the young adult, to ensure equal rights to them and to make them confident enough to claim their rights. We realize that many teens and young adults don’t always see a place for their voice and work. They don’t feel welcomed, perhaps as a result of many negative messages about girls coming from adults, opposite gender and even the media.



Community Mentorship Camp

Community Mentorship Program

 Our community mentorship program is meant to give the voice to the young girls and women who have been voiceless as a result of Gender Based Violence by creating opportunities for leadership development, ensuring that they receive psychosocial support, sexual reproductive health education as well as scholarship opportunities for them to access better and quality education.

In Kenya, 45% of women aged between 15 and 49 years have experienced either physical or sexual violence; One in five Kenyan women (21%) has experienced sexual violence; Most violence is perpetrated in familial relationships where the perpetrator is known to the victim;23% of Kenyan girls are married before their 18th birthday ,while 4% are married before their 15th birthday.When you add in customs like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM ) which is still at a sickening 21% of women aged between (15-49), ideas that women are to be seen not heard, and the disparity of importance placed on female and male education, calls for urgent attention to address the crisis.

“We believe that educating women transforms the whole society hence the whole world.”


Reproductive Health and Sexual Education (RHSE)

A significant characteristic of GBV is that the victim has no choice to refuse or pursue other options without severe social, physical, or psychological consequences owing to the fact that it is rooted in a society‘s social structure, that is, the society‘s nerve centre or its system of norms, values and beliefs (UNHCR, 2000). Through our workshops for the girls(carried out thrice a year during school holidays) we  train on reproductive health and ensure that they are informed on their reproductive health rights as well as advocate for an end of Gender Based Violence.

“Protect a woman’s dignity by saying NO to GBV.”




Young Girls Education & Empowerment (YGEE)

GBV  causes psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, which can lead to alcohol and drug abuse, risky sexual behaviour ,poor performance and victimisation (UNFPA, 2008).In regards to this , we focus on teenager’s educational success through participation in study halls ,training them on life-skills and leadership development and offer  both individual and group counselling sessions.We equally offer scholarship to the most vulnerable girls who are survivors of GBV.

“Become part of the change by sponsoring a girl through education”





Life is measured by the number of people we put smile on their faces every time

Through DWB Foundation I have come to appreciate my struggles as a survivor of GBV and I can now speak with confidence.I am glad to be one of the mentees and believe that through the program I can secure scholarship for my studies.
As a survivor of GBV, I found comfort sharing my story and appreciate that i found people who are ready to walk with me in this journey.I believe that the foundation will help me get a scholarship to take me through education.
Despite my painful experience that I went through at a tender age,I can now smile because of DWB Foundation.I have learnt that my circumstance should not define me but I should be defined by the decision I make.
I will forever be grateful to DWB Foundation as young and broken as I am for listening and walking with me.I can now smile.I may not change what happened to me on my 8th birthday but i can change the future.



Voices From The Voicelesss

Voices From The Voiceless

Our Voices from the Voiceless events feature inspirational, captivating and motivational TALKS shared from life experiences. The program runs in Higher Learning Institutions across the Country featuring different motivational speakers and mentors who connects with youths as they give them life skills TOOLS guide them through their path to success. Many youths are emotionally distressed and majority turn into self-harm to seek relieve or social withdrawals, suicide/suicidal thoughts/attempts, giving up and dropping out of career paths. Depression can persist into adulthood if it isn’t adequately treated and unfortunately there are few programs engaging the youths and help them through trauma and anxieties they are faced with when in Higher learning institutions. This platform provides Young people with opportunity to hear true life experience success stories because we believe in the VALUE of life’s stories as source of inspiration to naturally increase confidence level of young people to face their challenges and fears.



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